Monday, June 30, 2008

HSJ 3rd single update #3 & album speculation

Well Hey! Say! JUMP's J-Storm website has updated with cd information and covers for the new single. Out of the two covers I like the regular edition best, the green just looks nicer than the pink. I do like how they managed to get a panda on the cover as if they want make sure it connects to Kung-fu Panda but isn't seen as a Kung-fu Panda single, but a Hey! Say! JUMP single. But I honestly can't tell who is who at that size besides Takaki, his poses just stands out so much to me as well as the fact he's the only one without black hair. And I have a good guess which one is Chinen but can't as clearly make out the rest of the group though I think I could make a few guesses and be right. Hopefully we'll be getting a bigger preview of the covers soon.

Apparently it's been changed to a double A-side (which means that two songs are listed in the title) Your Seed/冒険ライダー(Bouken Rider) instead of the single A-side Your Seed with 冒険ライダー(Bouken Rider) as the B-side.

I'm rather disappointed that it has no B-side now. Mainly because A-sides always end up as album tracks, which means for me the RE is kinda worthless to get as I don't care for karaoke tracks. At least with the LE the DVD will have things that an album DVD LE wouldn't. Unfortunately at cdjapan the LE is 'out of print' for anyone who would want to pre-order it. But on the release date it will become available again, which is the usual order of things.

But one good thing about this being a double A-side single is that it ups the chances that the next cd release will be an album quite a bit. Johnny's usually releases three to four singles before an album, which also means there should be a new News album coming out sometime this year as they've released three singles already.

But going back to HSJ, with their first two singles plus this third one they have four A-sides that will be on the album track list, for some reason I feel Ultra Music Power will end up on it twice with a new version added. Or maybe that's more of a fear. XD;; I'm sure we'll get songs that will be exclusively for BEST and 7. As V6 albums tend to have songs from their subgroups on them. I'm personally hoping for cd versions of Su Ri Ru and Wonderland Train.

Of course there will need to be some kind of LE edition. I think the only thing that will prevent me from picking up the LE is if it's like News' last album LE and the only exclusive thing about it is the booklet. I'm a sucker for bonus tracks and for Johnny's DVDs, though I can't see what they would have on a DVD for an album as all the PVs have been released with their respective singles. I think I would love to have a bonus cd with the LE with solo songs, or duets and trios since HSJ is such a big group and they could fill up an entire with only solos for everyone and the A-sides.

I don't think we'll get the album until after Summary. Wouldn't be surprised if they announce the album's release at the event though or shortly after. And I think the release date will most likely be sometime in the mid to late fall.

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