Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hi! Hey! Say! 14JUN08 live stage Tegomass - Ai Ai Gasa

Ok, now that I've put up the rules and explanations of sharing for this blog I'm testing out video streaming. I'm going with veoh for video streaming because youtube is acting weird on me and keeps redirecting me to it's Japanese site.

I like Ai Ai Gasa. It's a cute song and Tegoshi and Masuda sound great singing it. They leave little doubt on who the strongest singers of News are. I think the only issue I have with this performance is Tegoshi's hair. He looks terrible blond and needs to either go back to black or let the color fade to a darker color, OMHO.

The single comes out 18JUN2008, and I have the RE pre-ordered but it's in with my July cdjapan pre-order so I won't be getting it until the beginning of next month. So I won't be able to do a review until I get it in. But I'm definitely looking forward to doing so.

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