Monday, June 23, 2008

Kindai Full House scans

I ended coming home later and being more tired than I thought I would be yesterday so I didn't get to right up the review I had planned on doing. I feel bad about skipping a day like that as I at least had planned something for Friday to make up for missing Saturday but I really do feel like I should do something to make up for yesterday. So I decided I'll just make two posts, the review post and this one with a couple of magazine scans.

Over the weekend I was over at the Kinokuniya in Seattle and of course checked out what idol magazines they had in. It seems to take a long time for the Seattle Kinokuniya to get magazines in as very few of the July issues were there. On a whim I picked up an issue of Kindai and I'm glad I did. I initally picked it up as it was covering the Hey! Say! JUMP TV programs, Showa X Heisei and Hi! Hey! Say! and it wasn't later, after I had bought it and gave it a better look at did I find that they also had an article about Yamashita Shoon's play Full House. Shoon is my favorite Junior so I was excited to see it, especially as it had photos from the play and he looks great in them all.

I figured these are well worth sharing, as Shoon in an apron is love, and that Kindai seems to be one of those magazines that doesn't get scanned and shared as much as other idol magazines like, Myojo, Potato, Duet and Poporo. Probably because it doesn't focus on the Johnny's boys as much as the others as the Hello Project girls are featured in Kindai as well. In any case my scanner is old so the scans are far from the best but I tried to keep them a good size for anyone who wants to read the article can. Feel free to take and use for graphics and I would appreciate credit if you share them elsewhere. Just click on the thumbnail to see the full image.

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