Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hashimoto Trio - Genkai Meter

I think it's becoming rather clear that out of all the new Junior proto-groups the Hashimoto trio, made up currently of Hashimoto Ryosuke(middle), Sanada Yuma(right) and Nozawa Yuki(left), is my favorite. I'm still in denial that Hashimoto is young as he is. I can believe Sanada and Nozawa and both 15 turning 16 later this year but I still can't believe Hashimoto will only be turning 15 next month. I mean just look at picture and tell me that he looks 14 to you.

I think out of all the Juniors they probably benefited the most with Hey! Say! JUMP's debut as Johnny's seems to love them as much as I do. Even when they're back dancing they're given outfits that are different than the rest of the Juniors so they stand out even in the background. When Takaki and B.A.D. did the Gokusen song melody on Music Station they were the only other Juniors that had singing parts besides B.A.D., who were in Gokusen with Takaki. And even if they don't have a group name they already have their own group song, Genkai Meter, which they've performed on Shounen Club and at HSJ's Spring concerts. And I'm sure they'll have no small part in the upcoming Summary concert series in August.

It's not surprising to see Hashimoto get a lot of the spotlight as he seemed to be one of the more popular members of J.J. Express. I'm sure he was disappointed that he did not debut with his fellow J.J. Express members, Takaki, Inoo, Daiki and Yuto, Morimoto and Yamada were a part of the group before their last change in line up. But watching some of the 2007 Shounen Club I could spot both Nozawa and Sanada as back dancers, so the kind of attention they are getting now is a huge step up for them from a year ago. A chance that they probably wouldn't have with the members of JUMP still as Juniors.

Out of the group, Nozawa in particular has grabbed my attention and I think I'm really going to enjoy watching him grow. I kinda feel bad as I know the reason he was put in the trio is because Kamei Taku was suspended over dating. (I don't think I'll ever completely be able to accept how heavy handed agencies are about idols dating. It just seems so wrong to me even though I understand why they do it.) But I also can't help but be happy for Nozawa, as I really do think he's talented and I love his voice. Plus he's cute, and I have such a weakness for cute.

I haven't paid Sanada much attention so far. Since he is a regular on Hyakushiki-Ou, which I watch mostly for Shoon and Keito, I think I really should, as I do see much more of him than the other two. Though he seems to be the most outgoing from the Junior Leagues he's been in as he always seems better eager to participate in them, even though he doesn't do so well.

I don't have to look far to find things about Hashimoto as I can find them just looking for J.J. Express related things, and he seems to already have a dedicated fanbase. Also as the front man for the group he naturally gets the most attention. Though I still don't have an opinion on him yet. He does seem to be a really hard worker and dedicated which I do admire, but I think a lot of the Juniors that have made it as far as he has are like that.

I know they all probably have a long way to go before they reach a debut ready point. I'm thinking though by the next time JE should be debuting the next group attached to the Volleyball World Cup in 2011 (as they've debuting a group like this every four years since V6's debut) they will all be 18 about the time the group formation is announced with Sanada and Nozawa turning 19 in November and December of that year, which puts them in the right age group to be placed in such a group. And I can only hope JE does put all of them in that group and not just one or two of them. Or maybe they can debut another year as a unit together, but I think that will depend on popular they become in the upcoming years.

But here is the video streaming of their group song, Genkai Meter, as performed on the 11May2008 Shounen Club and a mp3 audio rip of the performance.

Genkai Meter - Hashimoto, Nozawa & Sanada mp3

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