Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I only bought the one version out of the four versions of DON'T U EVER STOP so it will be the only one I will be reviewing. Though after hearing samples of the other solo songs I am quite happy with just this LE version, which I admit to choosing because I like Junno and wanted his solo song. And yea, I'm one of those weird Junno fangirls and he's pretty much the only reason I'm interested in KAT-TUN, though I do admit I'm a bit partial to Kame and Koki. So the version I bought was the one with Kamenashi Kazuya and Taguchi Junnosuke's solo songs.

I like the title track and it sounds a lot like KAT-TUN's earlier songs back in their Junior days. Which is a very good thing, IMHO, after LIPS, which I felt was not a good song for them at all. The beginning of DUES is very reminiscent of Micheal Jackson's Thriller but once it hits the chorus the Thriller-esque sound stops. The song is the kind of song I like to listen to when I want to feel energetic. It has a nice beat and it's something that makes me want to move. Though I don't think anyone will be dancing to it outside of performing it.

w/o notice saddens me greatly. I was hoping that since it was Kamenashi's solo it would be a good solid song like his past solos, Kizuna and someday for somebody. Was I ever disappointed. Yes, Kame sounds good but the song made me immediately think that it was a character song for an anime series, as those sound just about as cheesy as w/o notice does.

As strange as it seems Junno's solo, Natsu no Basho, is one of the better songs out of solos for the LEs. It's a fun summer song that I had no trouble placing next to News' SUMMER TIME in my play list for summer songs. It's a likable pop song that reminds a little of the kind of song EXILE sings until the trumpets come in. But this is definitely Junno's best solo song and the better of the two solos on this version of the single.

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