Monday, June 16, 2008

HSJ 3rd single update #2

I'm being lazy today and just making a quick post, but tomorrow I will put up my caps and thoughts about the June 8th, 2008 Shounen Club.

YesAsia has put up Hey! Say! JUMP's 3rd single, Your Seed, up for pre-order from them and they have the track listings. The B-side is 冒険ライダー (Bouken Rider) which translates out to Adventure Rider. It's both the B-side for the LE and RE, which means I get to save a little money for this release.

I still feel a little disappointed about not getting more new songs from them, mostly because I've overplayed the few songs they have released. But I guess an album can't be too far off now and I really hope a few of their concert songs make it on it whenever it does come out.

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