Thursday, March 23, 2017

Love Live School Idol Festival Card Appreciation Project 0060

Name: Maki Nishikino 
Year: 1st 
School: Otonokizaka Academy 
Group(s): μ's, BiBi

I want to say that I like the unidolized version of this card but there is just something about the flower patterns on her dress that brings about dislike. Which is a pity as otherwise it is a lovely illustration. At least the idolized makes up for it and is one of the better idolized versions in this initial SR set. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Love Live School Idol Festival Card Appreciation Project 0059


Name: Rin Hoshizora 
Year: 1st 
School: Otonokizaka Academy 
Group(s): μ's, Lily White

I think most will agree it is a good thing that KLab did not get inspiration for a set theme from the idolized version of this card. Sure Rin is cute and all, but cowgirl style is just so completely out of style everywhere. That said I have no issues with the unidolized version of the card. I love crepes and I wish I could take the one being offered in it. It looks so good. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Catching up with ANGERME

ANGERME is another group I have at least kept up with when it comes to their releases if nothing else. Which is probably why I missed the news of the addition of a new member.

From what I have learned about Kasahara Momona is that I have the desire to protect her from the haters. Honestly it surprised me to see so much dislike leveled at her, especially since she was only 12 years old. Certainly there is room for improvement but it feels like there are some that refuse to give her the chance to get better.

Kamikokuryo Moe is just precious in my eyes. She is so adorable and is fitting in so well with the rest of the group. Her performance level is getting pretty strong and she is comfortable enough with the other girls to move at the same pace of weirdness the group is known for.

It sadly is not smooth sailing for the group currently as one of the members, Aikawa Maho, is on hiatus for medical reasons. She has been diagnosed with panic disorder and is getting treatment for it. No word when she is expected to be back.

It is good to know that Maho is getting treatment and putting health before being an idol. H!P seems to be rather good with giving their idols the breaks they need to recover. Of course it is worrying on whether or not Maho is going to be able to return in the end.

ANGERME was a surprise to me with how much I liked the group but they have held my interest and I look forward to what the future holds for them. While I am still sad that one of my favorite members, Tamura Meimi, graduated I know she is following her dream and doing well so I am at peace with that.

Love Live School Idol Festival Card Appreciation Project 0058

Name: Umi Sonoda  
Year: 2nd 
School: Otonokizaka Academy 
Group(s): μ's, Lily White

As I mentioned with the Kotori I do think some of these initial SRs are the inspiration for some of the set themes. With this Umi her idolized looks like her idolized UR in the Yukata set and could probably work as an SR in that set. 

That all said it is another cute card for both versions and one of the initial SRs that should not be feared. Plus this is the one that has Umi asking to get married to you in her story.

Monday, March 20, 2017


To my surprise Kis-My-Ft2 will be releasing a new album on May 3rd, titled MUSIC COLOSSEUM. Since they only had two singles between this album and their previous one I was expecting something later in the year. Especially since they just released that second single as well. The album has three different versions, two limited and a regular edition.

The limited edition type A comes with the usual DVD with a PV of one of the songs off the album as well as a making of documentary. It has yet to be announced what that song will be.

The limited edition type B also comes with a DVD. What exactly will be on the DVD is unknown as the contents is only 

The regular edition is just the usual CD and it will come with four bonus songs that are not on the other two editions. Three of the songs are solos for Kitayama Hiromitsu, Fujigaya Taisuke and Tamamori Yuta, while the fourth is full group song.

While I was not expecting an album from Kisumai I will not complain too much. I welcome more music from the group, especially since they have not released so much in the past year.

I am disappointed that KiFT are the only ones getting solo songs once again. I really thought the group was moving past that kind of thing with all seven members getting solos on their previous album, I Scream. This feels like a step back. I hope the next album lets everyone have solo songs again as it really let everyone shine for I Scream.

Love Live School Idol Festival Card Appreciation Project 0057

Name: Kotori Minami 
Year: 2nd 
School: Otonokizaka Academy 
Group(s): μ's, Printemps

Looking back at these initial SRs and I cannot help but think that some of them were prototypes of sorts for future sets. Like this Kotori would fit right in with the job sets. And of course it has some of the nicest art out of all the initial SRs, as I do not see anything glaringly wrong with the art to distract me from the cute. I really would not mind someday pulling this card. Especially with how cute her idolized is.

Yona of the Dawn Episode Thoughts 13-24