Monday, July 7, 2008

Gokusen 3 trio in Taiwan

This was what I planned on talking about yesterday before I found that episode of Shounen Club. As I'm sure everyone knows by now who have been frequenting Hey! Say! JUMP and Kansai Junior communities the Gokusen trio, Takaki Yuya, and B.A.D. (Kiriyama Akito & Nakama Junta) had their live performance in Taiwan. I'm glad I waited though as the youtube links with the performance are all getting taken down rather quickly and I had to search for somewhere else that didn't look like the video was going to be yanked from. Luckily I did find such a place so just follow the hyperlink to watch the video.

Even though they don't sound all that great I do like the fact that it definitely is a live vocal performance without all the backing track help they usually get. It's refreshing to actually know that the live performance you're listening to is actually being all sung live, especially in the idol world where it's so easy for them to just throw up a backing track for performers to lip sync to.

You can tell the trio are nervous and it seems at the beginning it seems to get the best of them, like Takaki having trouble controlling his vibrato. And while they seem to relax a little as they go along there are still problems that can probably go back to a good lack of experience and a need to practice more. Like the fact Akiyama letting his voice drown out the other two and Takaki really forcing his voice more than it should so he can be clearly heard. I don't think I really heard Junta much at all, besides his MC which he had to do most of as the only one that knows how to speak Chinese.

I really hope they all look back at the performance and decide to work harder from now on for their vocals since I do like the tone of their voices and I'm sure with practice and experience they could pull off a live performance much better than the one in Taiwan. Not to mention they probably just need more experience period. I guess it's a good thing that they'll be performing in Summary, as a full month of concerts should help with that.

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