Tuesday, July 8, 2008

August 2008 Shounen Club Report

The reports from the filming of next month's Shounen Club episodes are out now. And from reading them I know I'm really excited about August's episodes, though they're going to be a bit odd to watch.

What will make them a bit odd to watch is the fact that most of the Juniors were busy performing at concerts and musicals, as well as co-host Nakamura, hence why Shigeaki was there to fill his spot and co-host with Koyama. It pretty much just left Yamashita Shoon, the Hashimoto-trio (Hashimoto Ryosuke, Nozawa Yuki & Sanada Yuma) and 4/5 of Question? as Ishigaki was playing with FiVe for the concerts. Which is great for the remaining Juniors as they don't have to share the spotlight as much.

The guest is Imai Tsubasa from Tackey & Tsubasa for both episodes. And as I mentioned earlier Kato Shigeaki is there as a guest host. Shige got a lot of attention as he's apparently dyed his hair blond. I'm curious to see it, but a bit fearful too as I don't think I've ever seen a Johnny's pull off blond hair to date.

To help fill the void they brought back half of Hey! Say! JUMP to perform. The four from the Sensei wa Erai drama, Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri and Arioka Daiki as well as Yabu Kota. Yamada, Daiki and Yabu all get solos. I think I'm most excited about Daiki getting a solo as it's been so long since he's really been able to sing a solo of any kind. And it just looks like Yabu just sings his solo and it's the other four that sing the group songs, which will include Your Seed and Bouken Rider.

But even with the return of part of HSJ, the Juniors left do get their chances to shine. Question? got to perform two of their songs and Shoon showed off his sexy side in the KAT-TUN melody. And now I really want to see that KAT-TUN melody. XD

Shige is proving himself determined to strip on the SC stage as he made another attempt during the Junior League segment. He made it further this time too as Koyama wasn't in the position to see clearly what he was doing but did eventually figure it out. I really hope this doesn't get cut for the broadcast. The whole Junior League sounded like it was full of cute and fail from the boys, a perfect combination in my book for a fun time watching.

August can't come quick enough.

The filming for September will also be done this month, as all the Juniors will be busy with Summary and concerts so there will be no one left over for filming. Nakamura is scheduled to be there for the filming so I'm assuming the rest of the Juniors will be back again as well.

Also in slightly unrelated news, at the Kanjani8 concert it was announced that two of their members will be doing solo live stages, both using the Johnny's Theatre that is being put up for Summary. This makes it three non-Summary concerts that will be using this stage, KAT-TUN's Ueda Tatsuya is also scheduled to do a solo concert there after Summary is over. I wonder if this is just to help with the cost of putting it up in the first place, as making your own concert stage to fit 70,000 people can't be cheap, or if they have plans for it later in the year and need to find ways to make use of it until then. It's probably just me reading into things much more than necessary, but I wouldn't put anything past Johnny's.

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