Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My nice little place in idol hell

When I got into Japanese idols back in 2007 I had thought I was in heaven, but getting into the app rhythm games I have come to see it was actually hell. But it is sparkly hell with lots of cute and pretty so I am rather comfy here.

I have been expanding a bit with the idol games I play, though have only a couple I play regularly. Those games are Love Live School Idol Festival and Idolish7. And then I have AiKatsu and IChu that I mostly log into daily but do not always play. I am still waiting anxiously for the Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live app game to launch. That one is a must for me and will probably join the former two as being one I play regularly. 

But I am enjoying Aqours with Love Live Sunshine so that franchise has me for this next generation of characters. Though I have gone down to just playing the EN version of the game as playing JP as well was burning me out. Thankfully the EN servers are rushing to catch up some with JP so it will not be as much as a wait to get to Aqours in the game.

Hoping Idolish7 gets an anime adaption at some point. I find I have gotten into the story far more than I thought I would. And I do like all the tweaks to the game they have being doing as it all has helped it become more engaging.

AiKatsu is just cute and since it is aimed at a younger audience than the others has furigana that makes reading text easier.

And IChu is mostly played as one of the voice actors was the vocalist of the visual kei band I liked. Would probably play it more if the circular motion of the icons did not strain my eyes so much after a while.

Looking forward to Utapri's next anime season. So glad the usual two year break is not happening for it and I am interested in learning more about HEAVENS. But I really want to start playing Shining Live so I can get a daily fix of Utapri.

I am not nearly into Johnny's as I had been for years. I still have acts I love, NEWS, Kis-My-Ft2, TOKIO and Nakayama Yuma. I still do have interest in A.B.C-Z, but not the funds to stay up with their releases. And I feel like I want to get back into Hey! Say! JUMP, but until they start releasing songs that grab my attention again I probably will not. With the Juniors SixTONES are really the only ones keeping my interest. If/When they debut I do not see myself following the Juniors much at all outside of Shounen Club. 

After getting into Hello!Project via Morning Musume a couple of years ago I have settled on which groups I am interested in following. Morning Musume of course is one of those groups with ANGERME and Country Girls being on that list. I do enjoy Kobushi Factory's releases so they are a potential addition to the list. Just right now my budget for time and money does not allow to add them.

Still loving Chu-Z and cheering them on to reach their goal of a Budokan concert. I am with them until the end no matter what. 

And that about wraps up where I am with my idol interests. No matter how I look at it there is no escaping this hell anytime soon, but it is not like I want to.

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