Thursday, August 18, 2016

Buono! Returns!

Long before I got into Hello! Project I was already a Buono! fan. The group had the right pop-rock mix to their songs that I loved and while I did not get into any other H!P groups at first now that I have I appreciate the group even more.

Buono! Buono!

After Berryz Kobo announced their indefinite hiatus the fate of the group was up in the air with two of the members belonging to that group. But it was announced that the group would make something of a come back this year with a concert at Nippon Budokan on August 25th.

On September 21st they will release a DVD single that will be a double A-side. The two songs that will be included are Sorashido ~Nene~ and Rock no Seichi. The latter is an answer song to the group's song Rock no Kami-sama.

I am of course beyond excited about this news. I really was not sure what the future for Buono! was even though I hoped they would at least perform again at some point as all the members of the group are still at least with Up-Front. Of course a new release was not something I was expecting but I am so stoked for it. I already love the first track, Sorashido -Nene- from what I have heard of it.

I just hope that we will not have to wait so long for another music release for the group. Yet I know I will wait for however long it takes for it.

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