Monday, August 29, 2016

Morning Musume '15 - Oh my wish! / Sukatto My Heart / Imasugu Tobikomu Yuki RE single

Artist: Morning Musume '15
Title: Oh my wish! / Sukatto My Heart / Imasugu Tobikomu Yuki
Release date:  19 August 2015
Type: single
Version: RE

Packaging: Like most Hello! Project regular editions the packaging is rather basic. A thin jewel case with a front jacket/booklet but nothing for the back but a view of the CD itself. I picked this version of the regular edition as I liked the outfits they are wearing and knew I would be happy with whatever card I would get with it as a first press bonus.

As far as covers go this is not bad. A bit bland with the girls just standing or sitting as they stare into the camera but honestly with a group as big as Morning Musume '15 is this works well in getting all the members on the cover. I do like Oda Sakura's pose, as it seems a bit dynamic compared with most of the others.

Track Listing:

1. Oh my wish!
Now this feels like a step towards a new start for the group. The usual leads are changed up a bit with this song though the style is in line with recent previous singles. This is the usual EDM-pop sound the group has been using for their releases and outside of the vocal change ups there is not too much that stands out. There are a few spoken lines in the middle though that is an exception to this and it seems to work as a break in the song with sounding too out of place.

2. Sukatto My Heart
I absolutely love this song. It is a nice break away from the sound the group has had for the past few years and is the kind of energetic song that I just adore. It has nice catchy hooks and I love the use of brass instruments in it, as they give it a bit of a jazzy sound to it. It has that little bit of edge sprinkled in that I adore and it is easily one of my favorite songs from the group in recent years.

3. Imasugu Tobikomu Yuki
A slightly slower song than the other two but not exactly a slow song. The chorus takes things up a notch as the rest of the song moves at a slower pace. I do like the violin break near the middle of the song and it makes me wish there was more of it and other traditional instruments used in the song. I think this song would sound wonderful if the electronic beats were replaced with them.

4. Oh my wish! (Instrumental)
5. Sukatto My Heart (Instrumental)
6. Imasugu Tobikomu Yuki (Instrumental)

This was the single I was waiting for when the 12th Gen were announced and comes as a breath of fresh air. Even though the group is still mostly staying in the same lane it has been in there is finally some signs of them branching out and honestly those are the true gems on this single.

One of the things I loved about Morning Musume as I was getting into the group was the change in sound through the years and I have been looking forward to where it was going to move to next. I feel like I got a small sample of it with this single and hope that the next couple of releases will not let me down.

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