Thursday, August 4, 2016

Love Live Best Girls


Nishikino Maki
When I got into the series it was through the game so I knew nothing about the girls when I started. So I decided to just go with the character that had the same blood type as me, seeing as it is not very common. It worked out better than I had hoped as Maki was the only one with AB blood type and was the character I completely fell in love with.

I have a soft spot for characters that care much more than they show and I loved the fact that she was the composer of the group. And the gap of her being so super serious and refusing to believe in things that have no scientific basis yet still believing in Santa Claus at her age is adorable. 

Hoshizora Rin
Honestly I did not pay much attention to Rin until watching the second season of the anime. But that was basically all the characters outside of Maki. In the second season though Rin got her chance to shine as it delved deeper into her character and her hang up about not seeing herself who can be feminine. And it is something I can relate to. I may not be sporty like Rin but growing up I was interested in things that would be considered boyish and was always more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt than anything "girly". So I found myself easily identifying with Rin and enjoyed seeing her accept her want to be seen as cute without having to give up who she is.

It also helps that Rin is just an adorable bundle of energy, which may be a complete contrast with how I am but that does not stop her her from being cute. Also I love cats, so she has that going for her as well.


Ohara Mari
Again there was the initial draw to Mari as being the AB of her group like it was with Maki. But the characters quickly began to show differences once you looked at personalities. I also liked the idea that she is a heavy metal fan as I would love to see her rocking out to something like Babymetal.

Finally seeing her in the anime though I know she has completely won my heart and will be my Aqours best girl. In the first episode she is featured in you can see that she has layers, a fun and seemingly whimsical personality with a hidden depth to it that you see a glimpse of when she is watching Aqours perform for the first time. Every time she is on screen my eyes are drawn to her as I wait to see and learn more about her.

I have yet to settle on another girl like I have with Mari for Aqours. I like Sakurauchi Riko, Matsuura Kanaan and Kunikida Hanamaru quite a bit so far but the ranking of those three keep changing for me and Kurosawa Dia pops into the mix every now and then. Perhaps by the end of the first season I will have a better idea, until then I just love them all.

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