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Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 1000% - Idol Song Cecil Aijima CD review

Title: Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% Idol Song Cecil Aijima
Artists: Cecil Aijima (Toriumi Kousuke)
Release date: 07 September, 2011
Version: n/a

Packaging: Finishing the series up the cover for this does not break away the established theme. You would not be able to get much of Cecil's personality from the art of the cover, but at this point in the anime series he is just the mysterious guy that is somehow connected to the cat Haruka befriended at the school. So with that in mind that can be forgiven. Like the rest in the series the release features the character color for the single, which for Cecil is green.


1. Eternity Love
This is a nice slow pop song that uses the flute, Cecil's character instrument, prominently. I love Toriumi's voice in this. He has the kind of tone that can sound nasally at times but since this song uses his lower register more that is mostly avoided. I really liked how the flute was used throughout the song and it did well to help it stand out from other songs in the series without making it feel overused.

2. 愛と夢とアナタと (Ai to Yume to Anata to)
A quicker tempo song than the other on this single but features heavily the flute as well. In fact the flute is the quickest way to figure out which songs are Cecil's solos as IIRC they all have them. Toriumi's nasally tone is more noticeable in this song but if you are familiar with Japanese male singers than you know his is not that bad. The song is a nice contrast to the other on the single with the extra energy it has.

3. Eternity Love (off vocal)
4. 愛と夢とアナタと (Ai to Yume to Anata to) (off vocal)

Overall: Not a bad single to finish off the series. The placement in it seems a bit off as the one episode he gets any decent amount of screen time in is about midseason. But with the fact that he is not present in most of the first season is most likely why he got shuffled to the end.

I do like the songs, especially Eternity Love, though I know Toriumi has that nasally sound to his voice that can be grating to Western ears because of language differences. But I do think that is rather toned down in these songs so it should not be too much of an issue. And if you do not have an issue with that type of singing voice then like the rest of the releases in this single series the songs are pretty solid pop songs that are nice to listen to.

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