Sunday, December 20, 2015

ANGERME to loose its fangs (Meimi to graduate)

It was announced that Tamura Meimi is going to be graduating from ANGERME and Hello! Project in the Spring of 2016. She plans to move onto becoming a musical actress post-graduation. No other information was given about the graduation. 

Honestly it took me by surprise as I assumed if another member of ANGERME were to leave it would be Wada Ayaka next. But reading her words about why she decided to graduate now I can understand it. She has had a good run as an idol and has a focused goal of becoming a musical actress that would be better for her to aim for when she is still young. Especially as she will be entering her final year of high school soon so it is the time for those her age to start thinking about what they want to do for their future and start moving towards those goals.

That all said the news hit me hard. Meimi is one of my favorite members of ANGERME and her smile always made me smile. Her fangs were endearing. I love her voice and wished she had more chances to let it shine, though considering her new goals she likely felt the same way or something similar. I will miss her being a member of the group so much. And it just feels too soon after Fukuda Kanon's graduation. I think I need some time to really let it all sink in still.

Next year looks to be one of many changes for the group, with Kanon gone, Meimi soon leaving and then the addition of Kamikokuryo Moe. I just hope there will be two ANGERME singles before Meimi leaves, as it just does not seem right that Kamiko's first single to be Meimi's graduation single.

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