Saturday, December 26, 2015

Chu-Z My Selection for 2016

Chu-Z announced on Christmas that on March 9th next year they will be releasing their second major album. It will be titled Chu-Z My Selection and will only come in one edition.

Outside of those bits of information and the price there is nothing else known about the album. I will assume their A-sides for their past three singles will make it on it. I am hoping the A-side to their most recent release, a concert only CD single called Gimme a Chance, will make it on the album as well. Outside of that I can only hope that this album will be as solid as their previous one and that we get more sub-unit songs.

So to say the least I am quite excited about this news. The wait will seem a bit painful because there is so much time between now and the release date, yet on the other hand it gives me plenty of time to make sure I have the funds ready to pre-order it. In any case this is a must get for me and I hope we get more information, like the track list, soon.

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