Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello!Pro fan status 2015

Decided to do this run down of where I am with the Hello!Pro groups, as it looks like I am going to be into them like I am with Johnny's. Well maybe not as hardcore but still more than one group has caught my eye.

At this point there is no fighting the fact I have finally become a Morning Musume fan. I am really looking forward to the next chapter for the group and to see more of MM '15. Especially them performing their own song so we can see how things are going to be. Oda Sakura remains my favorite of the current members though I am beginning to notice other members more. I have grown more interested in Kudo Haruka and Sayashi Riho and there is something about Makino Maria that makes me interested in her. Maybe it is the Michishige Sayumi connection. And I am curious to see how Fukumura Mizuki does as leader. Then just learning about all the girls even more in general. It still feels like I have a long way to go as a fan.

Honestly I just fell in love with Country Girls from the get go. I loved the fact that it was giving Kenshusei their last chance to be in a group (Yamaki Risa & Inaba Manaka) and being shy myself I quickly grew attached to Shimamura Uta. Ozeki Mai has since caught my attention and is just all kinds of adorable, especially with her short hair. Morito Chisaki I do not have much of an opinion on yet but I am sure she will find a way to weasel into my heart as well. And I already liked Tsugunaga Momoko from Buono! and Berryz Kobo and her inclusion did add interest in the group.

ANGERME actually got my attention with the name change. Perhaps because I am used to terrible group names from being a Johnny's fan I had little issue with the name change. Especially since it is so much fun to play around with. Outside of that Sasaki Rikako has caught my eye. There is just something about her that I am fascinated by. She just has this presence. And I do like the two A-sides to their upcoming single. In fact I outright love Otome no Gyakushu. Not as in love with the group as MM or CG so I will probably be more casual with following ANGERME, like just buying their music off iTunes instead of buying the physical versions. But once I am done with Berryz Kobo PV reactions this group is next.

Berryz Kobo are on their way out so it is hard to say that I am getting into them at this point. But I have been an almost casual fan of theirs already so the hiatus actually will not change too much. Other than missing them as I miss Buono!

The rest I doubt I will try to get into. I already feel like I have plenty of J-idols that I already follow so adding more to that list is not something I want to do. Maybe if they release music I adore I would try, or if I lose interest in a group. But until then I will passively be informed of them and let it be at that. Unless C-ute announces that they are disbanding/going on indefinite hiatus and then I'll give that group a visit, much like what I'm doing with Berryz now.

So that is about where I am for Hello!Pro. I do not expect too much change by next year, yet I never would have expected to be into a current H!P group at this time last year.

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