Friday, January 2, 2015

Country Girls are love thieves and sorry they're cute

Feel like I have been letting myself get behind on the flood of news coming out recently. The one bit of news I am most excited about it that Country Girls will be releasing a debut indie CD single around the end of the month. Not date given when in January this will be, but one can only assume it will be either the 21st or 28th as those are the final two Wednesdays of January and Wednesday is the traditional release date for CDs. In either case we do have song titles for what will be a double A-side, Ittoshikutte Gomen ne/Koi Doborou.

At the H!P winter concerts CG performed both songs so there are concert rips of them floating around. After listening to them both I like Koi Doborou better but like both of them. Ittoshikutte Gomen ne has a nice idol retro sound to it while Koi Doborou is some solid energetic J-idol pop. I cannot wait for the single to come out and hope I will be able to pre-order it soon.

Also there have been updates to the OHP for the group so everyone has new profile pictures, and they all look great. It is a bit odd to see Tsugunaga Momoko there as she is not yet performing with the group and will not be on this single. But I have the feeling that once she is done with Berryz Kobo and joins with CG fully they will have their major debut with her.

And with quite a few new groups or groups with new members at H!P right now I am glad for Momoko to be with CG. She will help give the group a bit of an early lift to make sure they do not get lost among the rest. And until she fully joins the girls can use the time to get more experience at being debuted idols.

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