Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Country Girls' 3rd single for 3rd line up

It was announced a few days ago that Country Girls will be releasing their next single on March 9th. It will be a triple A-side with the songs included being; Boogie Woogie LOVE, Mousou Rehersal and Kiss Yori Saki ni Dekiru Koto. This will be the third single for the group and the first with the two latest addictions to the group, Funaki Musubu and Tanagawa Nanami.

Previews are out for the songs as the group has performed them in concert already and the first track definitely is going the big band/swing route which keeps the retro sound the group has had up to now. The other two fall into the same retro sound as well so I am looking forward to the single as it is something I love about the group.

I do hope that the next single will not come with a change in members for the group. I really want to see the group grow with the current line up and I feel Tsugunaga Momoko will not feel like she can step back from the group until it settles some. That and I hope this year will give us CG's first album, and from their concert performances we could be getting a new version of Itoshikute Gomen ne with the group as seven members for one if it happens.

Overall I hope 2016 is a smoother year for the group as the two new members show a lot of promise and the other girls just keep getting stronger. I continue to look forward to continue following this group this year and for hopefully many more.

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