Sunday, January 17, 2016

Utapri anime's 4th season release season announced

It looks like the wait for the series' 4th season will not be nearly as long as it has been for previous seasons as we will be getting it this year. It was announced that the 4th anime season for the series will be released in the fall of this year. (Anime News Network)

With the way Japanese TV schedules are set up this will mean the release date shall be sometime in September. I am glad it is not the usual ~2 year wait between seasons this time with how they ended the 3rd season and were so quick to announce this one.

I also like that there is plenty time for me to start saving up for the CD releases that are bound to come out with the series. I am curious how that will pan out since it looks like HEAVENS is going to play a bigger role in the series than they have before from how the 3rd season ended. I guess the closer to the release date the clearer that will get. Either way this is going to be an expensive fall for me.

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