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Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 2000% - Idol Song Syo Kurusu CD review

Title: Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 2000% Idol Song Syo Kurusu
Artists: Kurusu Syo (Shimono Hiro)
Release date: 01 May 2013
Version: n/a

Packaging: Syo kicks off the second seasons single series and the design for the most part is the same across the releases. This is probably my favorite of the three so far with design. I love the "classy" look to them and even though it took me some time to realize it I love how with each the character being featured is holding something up in front of them that looks to fit precisely with the picture. For Syo that is the record cover with his face on it that is covering most of his head. His image color is used throughout the covers and booklet but in a more muted variation to fit with the overall design. The CD is made to look like a record to really perfect it all.

Track listing:

A high energy song that sounds at times like a cheer song but it works in keeping the energy up with the song. Shimono gets a bit shouty at times but for the song it works out for the most part. I love the use of the violin in the song, something that I would not think would fit so well with a song like this that leans more to a pop rock sound. But the violin is a great touch, especially at the start and end.

Whoever decided that Shimono needed to shout his lines in this song needs to be slapped. Repeatedly. This song is actually unpleasant for me to listen to because of how Shimono is singing in it. And I know he can sing better, he did in the other track, last seasons single and in all the group songs. The song is more pop with an electronic sound to it, even though they incorporate the violin into this as well, though not as well. In fact it comes off as an after thought as it does not mesh nearly as well as in TRUE WING. This is one of the very few Utapri songs I actually dislike.

3. TRUE WING (instrumental)
4. CHALLENGE! (instrumental)

Overall: Honestly I just love the design of this single series and would bought this just for it. In a way I feel like I have as the songs are not my favorite for Syo's, though TRUE WING is a few steps above CHALLENGE!. But I can find things with TRUE WING that I like and have come to appreciate more with repeated listens so it is more of a positive than a negative. I just cannot say the same about the other song on this single.

So a rather mixed bag to start this series of character singles with. But there is still plenty more to come and look forward to.

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