Sunday, January 17, 2016

Little Glee Monster - Jinsei wa Ichido Kiri / Gao Gao All Star iTunes (US/JP) single

Title: Jinsei wa Ichido Kiri / Gao Gao All Star
Artists: Little Glee Monster
Release date: 01 JUL 2015
Type: single
Version: U.S. iTunes/JP iTunes*

*Only the first two tracks are available for purchase in the U.S. iTunes store, the B-sides were purchased from the JP iTunes store.

Packaging: None.

Track listing:

1. 人生は一度きり (Jinsei wa Ichido Kiri)
One of the two A-sides and the one that fits right in with the songs the group has released before. I love that it starts off so soft to move into the energetic chorus, it gives it a nice dynamism to it. Of course I am still just in love with the harmonies this group does, as it really makes them stand out in the slew of Japanese girl groups right now. A really solid pop song with that bit of a throwback style that fits the group so well.

2. ガオガオ・オールスター(Gao Gao All Star)
This A-side is a tie-in as the theme song to one of the Pokemon movies. It breaks away from the usual style of the group as it is something more of a light pop song with a childish tone to it. While the kiddie tone does work with the youth of the group considering all they have sung beforehand it is a bit jarring to listen to as a fan of the group. I really just cannot get into it as it just feels too cutesy in style for LGM and could easily be done by any other girl group.

3. Brand New Me
The first of the B-sides that I had to purchase off the JP iTunes store to get them. It returns the group to form with a pop song very much in the usual style for the group. It is a lot of fun as an upbeat number that still gives plenty of chances for the girls' vocals to shine. I love all the little "calls" that are scattered throughout the song, it really helps give it the fun vibe to it and this is much more in line when I think of a cute and fun song from the group.

4. 君を今でも (Kimi o Ima demo)
A ballad to end things and it rather standard but is a pleasant listen. The vocals do really focus on whoever is singing the solo lines with the rest just providing background harmonies though. And for a ballad like this is does work but is still rather disappointing as all six members are strong vocalists and it would be nice to hear them all more and there is no reason they could not have switched main vocals from verse to verse at least.

Overall: Outside of Gao Gao All Star this is a pretty standard release for the group. Not a bad thing as the group's releases are all rather solid. Jinsei and BNM are the stand out tracks and most in line with the previous releases from the group. Even with the issue of lines aside Kimi o Ima demo lacks anything to really make it memorable not just in general but also in the group's discography.

I am disappointed that the U.S. iTunes releases of the group's music seems to have tapered off. Of this review this is the latest single available in the store and it is only for the A-sides. It looks for future releases I will just have to go to the JP iTunes as I do not care to play this waiting game on whether or not their releases are going to be added to the U.S. store. Especially if it will not even be the full release anyway.

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