Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oshi (2014)

Having a favorite never seemed to be that big a deal for me before but getting into girl groups I find that it can be taken rather seriously. That said my feelings have not changed all that much. I may have a favorite/oshi for a group but overall I tend to want to see the whole group succeed. And in some cases I just love a group so much I do not feel right having a favorite.

Like with Chu-Z I have no favorite member. I just love the group and all the girls, and generally want to see them succeed as a group as they aim for their dream to perform in Nippon Budokan.

Morning Musume OG though is an easy pick for me. I already was interested in Goto Maki before getting into MM and that changed nothing. If anything it just made me like Maki more.

For Morning Musume '14 though I find myself really coming to like Oda Sakura. I am a sucker for a strong vocalist though, which she easily is. She probably is not the kind of member that pops out at you at first glance but I do tend to like the seemingly quiet members as I find once you get to know them more they tend to have interesting personalities. And so far she has been proving me right.

DiVA is another easy one with Akimoto Sayaka. She was the main reason I got into AKB48, even though I no longer follow the group though I do try to keep tabs on her.

Little Glee Monster falls back into just not having a favorite again. But the girls are still so fresh in their careers that I think it will be better to wait and see how they grow into things first.

Have not really mentioned BABYMETAL on this blog much but I do like the group. And while I want to say I have no favorite I do think SUMETAL does pull be in a bit more because she has the vocals.

And I think that covers all the active groups that I follow. Well I am kinda cheating sneaking MM OG in but it is my blog so I can make those kinds of exceptions.

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