Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yamada Nana to graduate NMB48

Yamada Nana has announced that she will be graduating from NMB48 next year on April 3rd, her 23rd birthday. She mentioned that she wants to pursue a new dream but gave no details on what that would be.

Tokyo Girls Update article (English)

Honestly Nana was the real reason I even gave NMB48 a chance. As a Johnny's fan I knew of her younger brother, Nakayama Yuma, so I was interested in the fact that he had a sister that was an idol. She ended up winning me over on her own as I watched her with the rest of the 1st generation members of the group and has always been a favorite of mine. I truly hope whatever her new dream is it will allow her to still be in the public eye so I can continue to keep tabs on her.

I cannot say that I am surprised by the news. I felt that it was about time for one of the major 1st generation members to leave, especially as NMB48 looks to finally be shifting focus to some of their younger members. Of course that was long overdue if the group wants to be able to survive graduations like this so there are no hard feelings from me for it. I just hope that since it will be almost half a year before she graduates it means that they will give her a nice big send off to reflect her status in the group.

I know I have mentioned that once my NMB48 favorites graduate from the group I will stop following them in general and as of this I am one step closer to that.

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