Sunday, March 5, 2017

Taguchi makes a Connection

Taguchi Junnosuke has a new single coming out on April 5th. This time he will be making his major label debut as a solo artist with Universal Records releasing the single, titled Connect.

With a major label in charge the single editions are more standard than his indie single with there only being two versions of the single. A limited edition that comes with a DVD then a regular edition. Both editions have the title track and a B-side, titled QI, on them. The regular edition has a bonus track that is a remix of Connect. The DVD that comes with the LE not only has the music video for the title track but also a music video for the title track of his previous release, HERO.

Connect / Junnosuke Taguchi
Junnosuke Taguchi

Honestly I am surprised to see that he has gone major already. I can only assume this is a benefit from not having a tarnished image like other ex-KAT-TUN members, as he left Johnny's without a scandal tied to him. In fact overall Junno had a rather clean image with the rumor of him having a longtime girlfriend being the only idol scandal and as a non-idol that is really a non-issue.

That said I do not expect him to ever be the next big thing. At best he will do decently and get a dedicated following that will make it financially viable for Universal to keep him on contract for as long as he wants to continue to have a music career. And I plan on being a part of that following.

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