Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Catching up with Country Girls

Out of the Hello! Project groups Country Girls is the easiest for me to catch up with as they are the group I have been following the closest. The group stole my heart when they were first formed and even though there has been heart break I love them still. In fact this post is going to be mostly me just gushing about all the members because catching up with them has been a reminder of how much I love them.

Even though her departure was assured from the moment Tsugunaga Momoko was announced to be a playing manager of the group it is still saddening to know that she will be gone soon. But I doubt she would leave without feeling like the group is on the right track and will do well without her. And considering how much of her life she has dedicated to being an idol I feel completely reassured that her decision to leave to embark on a new stage of her life is something she truly wants to do. So I wish her the best of luck and will feel so grateful for her time in Berryz Kubo, Buono! and Country Girls.

Yamaki Risa is a beautiful princess that should be loved and adored by all. She is seriously stunning and brings a matureness to the group that works surprisingly well for a group mainly centered around cuteness. It will be interesting to see her in the leadership position once Momoko is gone, but I have faith that she will be up for the challenge. If anything she has had years to learn under Momoko and I have faith that she will do well.

Honestly I never paid much attention to Morito Chisaki before. She just seemed to be a member that was just there to me but in the past year or so she has caught my attention more as she has opened up. There is a shine and spark to her that I just did not see before and I cannot wait to see how she continues to grow as an idol.

I am most amazed with how much Ozeki Mai seems to have grown in the past year or so. I still remember her being the cute little bundle of energy when she first joined. She is still a bundle of energy these days but is no longer so little. It is always a joy to watch her and I hope she has a long stay in the group.

I have a weakness for strong singers so of course Funaki Musubu was a stand out addition to the group for me. Every time I hear her sing a solo line I just know that she was the perfect choice for the group. As much as I love the group it did lack powerhouse vocals and Musubu brings that. She is of course also really adorable. Though from this photo it looks like she can pull off the cool look well also.

Yanagawa Nanami is adorable. She will most likely grow up to be a beautiful young woman much like Risa is now but until then she is as cute as a button. Which of course makes her a perfect fit for the group. And I am so glad she was added with Musubu as both girls seem to get on so well together. It surely made the adjustment to joining CG much easier. I am definitely interested in seeing more of her and how she will grow with the rest of the group.

I just love this group so much. And if the rumors are true and they make a group addition after Momoko's graduation I feel confident I will end up loving them as well. This group never fails to put a smile on my face and fill me with joy. I have no idea how I made it through last year without having them be a bigger part of my life but I do not want to make that mistake again.

No matter how my attention strays my love for Country Girls never does in the end.

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