Thursday, March 9, 2017

Catching up with Chu-Z

I have working on catching up with the idols I still want to follow and Chu-Z is a good start as I have kept up with them for the most part last year. It helped that they did not release much but they did have a member graduate and added two new faces to the group.

Since the last time I checked in on the group they have had another member graduate. Maia graduated from the group back on January 20th.

Honestly I had been suspecting after Asuka's graduation Maia would most likely be next if the group was going to continue on and do a rotating membership. Maia was the oldest of the group at 28, and with female idols that is an age most have already bowed out. When they added two new members I had a hunch it was to prepare for her graduation. So this was not surprising to learn. Still sad to know she is no longer with the group though.

Outside of that the girls have been touring and announced in a youtube video that they are adding a new member to the group to keep it at seven members. In the video we get the name of the new member, Futaba, and for now that seems to be it until she is officially introduced at their concert on March 13th.

I have done a little further research and it seems like the group is no longer on the Columbia Records label and they have a couple of singles I missed out on because of that. Their most recent release has them on another label, Imperal Records, which I recognize as being the label Kanjani8 were with until they switched to a Johnny's owned label. So hopefully this means going forward it will be easier to keep an eye on the group when it comes to new releases at least. And I should have something to blog about soon for the group with the new member being revealed soon.

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