Monday, December 26, 2016


Since I have some free time with the holiday weekend I am going to try to catch up on things. On the top of the list is of course NEWS. They still remain my favorite Johnny's group and thankfully they are already set to release a new single in the coming year.

The single will be titled EMMA and will be released on February 8th, 2017. It will be the theme song for the Fuji TV drama series Kirawareru Yuki, which Kato Shigeaki will be appearing in. There will be three editions, two limited and the usual regular edition.

The limited edition A will come with the title track, the B-side Snow Dance and a DVD with the music video and making of feature.

The limited edition B will have the same two tracks as the LE A as well as Sakura Girl and I ZA NA I ZU KI.

The regular edition will have the title track, Snow Dance and a still untitled song included as well as the karaoke versions of all three songs.

CDJapan is selling all three versions as a bundle set. If you pre-order the single that way you will be insured that you will get the first press bonus that will come with each copy of the single, a clear folder. There are three different types that each come with a version of the single.

I pre-ordered my copies the moment I learned about the single, and even ordered my first piece of Yuri!!! on Ice merchandise while in the process. I am basically broke until I get paid next but I never want to risk not being able to get the limited editions of a NEWS single if I can help it.

Honestly I am really excited about the re-release of songs if they are indeed re-recorded. Though honestly it would be so awkward if they were not, but Johnny's is cheap so I will keep some reservations until I find reliable information to confirm if they are re-recordings.

But honestly re-recordings feel long overdue for NEWS. They have such a big back catalog of songs from the pre-4nin days and it is not like the current group has avoided performing those songs. And of course there is going to be differences with only four members to have lines. Especially a song like I NA KA I ZU KI which came out in NEWS' 8nin days. And Sakura Girl has special meaning for the group as it was revealed by Tegoshi Yuya that his father, who passed away in 2015, had told him that was his favorite song. So I see it being one that continues to be performed at concerts for some time to come.

Without the potential of re-recorded songs though I would be looking forward to this release as I am always happy for a new NEWS release. And I am glad to have something to look forward to already in 2017, outside of it no longer being 2016.

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