Friday, December 2, 2016

Catching up with Chu-Z

In the months of inactivity on my end Chu-Z has had a couple of things happen that are worth noting, even if belatedly.

First they have announced the addition of two new members to the group, bringing the size of the group up to seven. The new members are MAYU (with the black hair piece) and Honomi (with the white hair piece).

They have also recently released a new single. The single is title Mada Kimi ga Suki de and has three editions. Each edition has the same three song tracks, the title song and two B-sides, MEOW! and Keep Me Out of Heaven. The single came out on November 23rd.

The Type A limited edition comes with a DVD that has the PV for the title song as well as a back stage documentary.

The Type B limited edition also comes with a DVD but has different contents on it. It has performances from a concert the group did at Akasaka BLITZ.

Then the regular edition is just the CD with a different cover than the over two and of course cheaper.

I have unfortunately fallen quite behind with following just about all J-pop acts so I still need to pick up the new single. I definitely will as Chu-Z has yet to disappoint me and I want to see and hear the group with the new members.

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