Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Busaiku lives!

It has been announced that the Kis-My-Ft2 sub-unit Busaiku will be releasing their fourth single on January 4th, 2017. The single features the title track Michishirube, which the four members of the sub-unit wrote themselves.

The limited Type A comes with a DVD with the PV for the song as well as a making of documentary.

The limited Type B also comes with a DVD with a Busaiku documentary.

The regular edition is just a CD, but comes with a bonus track, which is a remix of the title song.

Honestly I have been a bit worried about Kisumai for a while now. This year was the 5th anniversary of their debut and yet nothing was really done for it. Though that in itself is not overly worrying as other groups have not really celebrated that anniversary, such as Kanjani8 and Hey! Say! JUMP. But coupled with the slow down with releases from the usual schedule I am stuck wondering what Johnny's plans for the future of the group.

While this is not the Kisumai release that I really am hoping for I am still quite happy to see that Busaiku is continuing on. It really is a good platform for the members of the unit to promote themselves, even if it is in a comedic light. And honestly considering what has been going on with the agency I thought with the scrapped album for the group it was going to be ended. So I am pleasantly surprised to see that it has not after all.

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