Sunday, December 11, 2016

Catching up with Taguchi Junnosuke

Taguchi Junnosuke has been my favorite KAT-TUN member since I learned about the group. While his departure from them and the Johnny's & Associates agency earlier this year was heart breaking he was the main reason I still had an interest in the group. Not that I dislike the group or its members, but Junno was the only one that kept my attention over the years. So I was happy to have him resurface later with his own website and then the announcement of a solo CD release.

HERO / Junnosuke Taguchi  HERO / Junnosuke Taguchi  HERO / Junnosuke Taguchi

Even before Junno announced leaving KAT-TUN I wondered what he would do if he left. Mostly because it always felt that he may eventually get fed up about hiding his relationship to his longtime girlfriend and want to marry. I always assumed something related to dance, as that is one of his strengths. This solo career is not too far off from that guess. It makes sense as this is what he has been doing since his teenage years and he did not continue his education so he does not have that to fall back on. I doubt he plans to have major success but as long as it profitable for him it makes sense for him to continue with it.

I have gotten the Type A limited edition of the single, Hero, so far and enjoy it. It is clear that he is lacking the kind of backing he got with Johnny's but I enjoy the songs and plan on picking up the other editions, as each one has a bonus B-side unique to it. And I am a complete sucker for getting bonus tracks.

On another note, I can understand KAT-TUN fans still feeling angry at his departure. While it seemed like he was trying hard to leave on the best terms possible (waiting for his contract to end, talking with group members beforehand and announcing it ahead of time so the group could fulfill their obligations) it still has placed the group's future into doubt. The very fact they are currently in an indefinite hiatus is constant proof of that. Hopefully there will be some resolution to that in the near future as it can only make fans worry when the silence continues. Something that as a NEWS fan I know too well. I can only hope KAT-TUN fans have a similar happy ending waiting for them.

But I remain a Junno fan and I am interested in seeing what he does now that he is on his own.

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