Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking at 2014 releases

Since I am doing reviews for the Johnny's 2014 releases that I purchased it only seemed natural to do the same for the groups I follow on this blog. The list will be much smaller as I just do not follow as many active female idols as I do Johnny's and I really only started following some near the end of the year anyway.

Releases that will be reviewed:

Little Glee Monster - Little Glee Monster iTunes mini-album(16MAR2014)
Chu-Z - Chu-Z My Music Type C mini-album (09JUL2014)
Chu-Z - Bombastic Type B/C single (01OCT2014)
DIVA - Discovery Type A single (08OCT2014)
Morning Musume '14 - Tiki Bun RE A single (15OCT2014)
Little Glee Monster - Hokago High Five iTunes single (29OCT2014)
Morning Musume '14 - 14 Shou ~The Message~ iTunes album (29OCT2014)

I'll be doing these as I review the Johnny's releases so I should hopefully be done by the end of the month.

And for anyone curious to what the iTunes indicates for some of the releases it just means I purchased the single or album off of the U.S. iTunes store so they may be different than the physical release, like not having a booklet or any bonus items.

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