Monday, December 1, 2014

Flower Arches and Brand Boys for Chu-Z

Chu-Z has announced their second major single and first single for the year 2015 with the double A-side Hana no Arch/Brand Boy. It is set to be released on February 11th and will come in three versions, though the only difference between them will be the CD jacket. The CD contents are all the same with the two title tracks and their karaoke tracks included on all of them.

They will also be releasing a concert DVD of their oneman concert at Shinagawa Stella Ball back in October and it will come out the same day as the single.

I am a bit disappointed that the single is not like the previous releases and does not have bonus tracks for two of the versions though. I loved Bling Bling Princessiya iya iya from Bombastic and in general I am a sucker for bonus tracks. But I am still happy to know that there will be some new music from the group I can enjoy in the near future. And hopefully as a double A-side that puts us that much closer to the group's first full album.

In any case this release comes at a perfect time as I have yet to pre-order a copy of Michishige Sayumi's graduation concert BD and since these share a release date with it they will be a perfect addition to that order for me. And since the only difference with the single types is the cover art then I have no issue with only getting one of them and save some money.

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