Monday, December 8, 2014

Chu-Z fight-o!

Not only does Chu-Z have an upcoming single to look forward to but they may also win the chance at a CM deal. The TV show Idol Otakarakuji are having a contest between idol groups to see who will get to do a CM for SEGA's Phantasy Star NOVA PSP game.

The five current finalist are; Chu-Z, UPUPGIRLS(仮), The Possible, Alice in Alice, and Idol Renaissance.

Famitsu article (Japanese)

I have heard of UPUPGIRLS(仮)and The Possible but not the other two groups. But it looks like Chu-Z have plenty of competition. I wish them well as a CM deal for them at this point would be pretty big for the group. So I shall be wishing them the best as they compete.A

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