Sunday, December 21, 2014

Little Glee Monster's busy March 2015

Little Glee Monster look to be set for 2015 as they have two announcements for March out already. The first is that their second single will be released on March 4th and the second is that they will be doing a one man tour that will have them performing in Tokyo (April 19), Nagoya (March27) and Osaka (March 26).

OHP (Japanese)

I am excited for their next single, I have been enjoying all their releases so far and like the original material they have been getting as well as the covers that they have been doing. I hope they continue doing a mix of both.

Of course I am most happy that they have been good with getting their releases up on iTunes, as it saves quite a bit of money for me to be able to buy their music off of the US iTunes instead of having to import their CDs. Not to mention not having to worry about anything going out of print.

And for a group that is still up and coming even though they have gone major a three city one man tour is a pretty big thing. I can only assume the dates chosen though are those that will align with school breaks though as being a young group they do need to deal with school being mandatory for its members.

Still I would love to be able to go to one of their concerts. From the footage they have on their Youtube account they are amazing to see live.

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