Monday, September 22, 2014

Tiki Bun Pretty Pictures Tiki Bun

With my Morning Musume PV reaction videos I have slowly come around to really liking the group. And I picked a great time to do so as there is just so much happening with the group that I can jump into, though it does feel a bit overwhelming at times. In any case I did decide to go ahead and pre-order the group's upcoming single, Tiki Bun, when I made my pre-order for the upcoming Johnny's WEST single. I just randomly picked one of the regular editions and I will be getting the type A version of that. Today we finally have the covers of the single out as well as news that there will also be bonus posters with this release.

LE type B

RE type B

First up are the covers. The stand out covers are definitely the ones with Michishige Sayumi solo. I am especially fond of the regular edition B cover.

LE type A

RE type A
The rest are so-so overall. Both A types are a bit bland with composition but at least the girls look nice in them.

LE type C
The limited edition C is slightly above those if just for the lovely picture of Sayumi on it. Otherwise the head shots of the other girls do little for it other than be there.

LE type D
Limited edition D looked good to me at first glance until I got a closer look and noticed the odd photo shopping, like making certain members smaller than others. I rather wish they made a version of this as an actually group shot, or maybe two so they can keep the two rows thing going on, as I do like the way they set the single title on it.

And as I mentioned there now seems to be bonus posters for the first press editions of this single. (OHP news about it.)Which poster you get is dependent on which store you purchase your copy from. As I am pre-ordering from CDJapan it looks like I will be getting the solo Sayumi poster. Since I know so little about her right now I would rather get a group poster, but perhaps I will come to be a fan so I will not complain much about. If I do become a Sayumi fan I am sure that I will be glad to have gotten it.

Overall I am still quite excited about this release. I have listened to the rip for Tiki Bun and like the song as well as for Shabadaba Duu, though I like Tiki Bun more. It feels like next month cannot come soon enough.

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