Saturday, September 6, 2014

7 September 2014 Chu-Z fan event

(I am writing this whenever I have time as the event is happening. So basically mostly while waiting for the event to start and then after things wrap up.)

So a couple of months ago I made a video to give an introduction to the Japanese idol group Chu-Z, hoping that by getting some information out there in English I could get people to check out the group. Last month the producer of the group found said video and tweeted about it, which astounded me with the positive reaction it got. Then roughly about two weeks later I was contacted by the nice people who run the Tokyo Girls Update website contacted me about participating in an upcoming event for Chu-Z, where they would talk to some overseas fans. Of course I said yes, and thus here I am, waiting for the fan event to start to get a chance to talk to the girls on Skype.

To say I am nervous would be an understatement. My stomach is threatening to do flips and I am praying I will not come off as awkward as I fear I shall. Talking to celebrities of any caliber has never been a forte of mine. I tend to freeze and mumble out a "hello" at best. But I was given some questions to prepare for and I have so perhaps this will not be so bad. I am still nervous, yet also really happy and honored to have this chance.

Things started with a viewing of the PV for the group's upcoming single Bombastic! It's an electronic number with a rap mixed in with lots of energy. IROHA Music from their debut mini-album is probably the closest song they have already released that it somewhat similar in sound. But the PV is a lot of fun with part of it in a boxing ring where the girls get to look fierce.

After that it was my turn, and I felt like a guest of honor as I got a bit of an introduction as they brought up that I had made that video and asked those there if they had watched it. It was a bit embarrassing, but mostly because I am naturally shy, yet also fun.

I was surprised that all the girls asked me at least one question in English. I know Luna tends to use English here and there and Maia does have English listed in something she's interested in on her profile, so it was really the other four that surprised me. They did well and for the most part we understood each other. I think I may have gotten a bit too complicated with a couple of my answers though. I did use a little Japanese which they seemed excited by. Honestly their English easily beats my Japanese. And I was glad to show them that I had a copy of their debut mini-album, which of course they were happy to see and curious to how I got it.

After that I got to watch the rest of the event. They did a lottery for those at the event to had out special prizes. Then did a mini-live.

The set-list was:
Kirakira Mirai
Chu me now!!
Summer Dreamer

It was really during the live performance that it really hit me how lucky I was to have gotten the chance I did to actually talk to the members of a group I'm a fan of. I'm so used to having to settle for being an after thought, if even that, as an International fan that getting this kind of special treatment just seems unbelievable. I will treasure this always.

Getting into this group has felt like a whirlwind and I want to give my all, my best in spreading the word about this group. They are a group of amazing girls that deserve to at least be given a chance and I hope all the best for them in the future. I may be an ocean and continent away but I will do whatever little I can to support them as a dedicated Chu-pet (the name for fans of the group).

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