Tuesday, September 30, 2014

12ki are here!

While I was able to catch the announcement this morning I unfortunately had to go to work right after we got the names of the four girls selected to join Morning Musume as the 12th generation. I have since coming home been catching up with reactions from other fans about the girls as well as learning more about them and I cannot wait to see them with the rest of the group as Morning Musume '15 next year.

The girls that passed the auditions and are the 12ki members are;

Ogata Haruna (15)
Nonaka Miki (14)
Haga Akane (12)
Makino Maria (13)

Maria and Akane were both Kenshusei who had tried out for MM before, so it must have been so exciting for them to actually achieve their goal, even if it took a second try.

I guess my impressions of the girls so far are;

Ogata Haruna seems interesting in that she did figure skating so I expect her to do well with dancing.

Nonaka Miki stands out easily with her English. She spent about eight years living in the US, and you can tell with how fluent she sounds.

Haga Akane is so cute. Really young too so I expect to see her grow a lot over time.

Makino Maria is set to be gorgeous once she is done growing. She already looks older than she is, especially with her height.

Overall I am still feeling really excited about this. I know auditions and graduations are a big part of this group and I feel I got really lucky to be able to experience both so soon after becoming a fan of the group.

Well maybe not so lucky with Michishige Sayumi graduating as that will not be as happy as this. But I am sure she will have a great future ahead of her no matter what path she decides to take post-MM.

In any case I will probably be basking in the happy glow of seeing new members added to the group and eagerly awaiting for them to completely join the ranks next year.

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