Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hikki hype building

I do not write enough about Utada Hikaru for how much I love her and her music. Hikki was the artist that was the J-pop artist that got be into J-pop after anisongs worked as a bridge to it. And with the release of the latest digital singles for her upcoming album coming up I am reminded how much I love her music.

So far there have been two songs released, Oozora de Daikishimete and Forevermore. Honestly I love them both but for different reasons. Forevermore is the more catchy of the two with a strong hook, not to mention a lovely music video. But Oozora de Daikishimete is a strong song itself that takes melancholy lyrics and pairs it with upbeat music that adds a level of bittersweet-ness to it.

These songs are making me feel so hyped about her upcoming album. I loved Fantome and from the sounds of it I am going to love this upcoming as well. Even though I am not completely over the disbelief that we are getting new music from her so soon after that album. 

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