Thursday, November 5, 2015

Two New Country Girls!

I wanted to write this post much sooner today but alas I had to go to work first. That said I am still really happy about the news. Which is of course that Country Girls is adding two new members to their roster, Funaki Musubu and Yanagawa Nanami from the Hello! Project Kenshusei.

I am excited about the news as even though I do love the group with the older members I do not mind having a couple of new ones added either. I feel there has been enough time since Shimamura Uta left for the girls to have gotten stronger as performers and idols that new additions should not throw them off. Plus the new girls fit in so well with the cute image of the group.

Honestly after Uta left the group I have suspected that there would be additions at some point. Partly because with Tsugunaga Momoko only supposed to be a temporary member once she left the group there would only be four members left. And while I do like the four that would remain it just seem like too small a group without a fifth member at least. So adding a member or two made sense to me for that.

And as much as I love the group I have to be honest and say singing is not the forte of most of the members. In fact Momoko easily is the strongest and again she was never meant to stick around for the long term. Though everyone else has improved and will most likely continue to do so but none seem to be naturally talented in that area. While I do not know much about the new members one thing I do know is that Musubu has been brought up as one of the strongest vocalists in the KSS and from what those who follow the KSS Nanami is hardly a slouch herself in that area. So adding these two will give the group a good strong vocal base for when Momoko does leave.

That all said I do hope that there will not be much of a member change for the group for a while. Momoko may eventually be leaving but I am certain she will stick around to make sure the new girls find their places in the group. And I have the feeling that H!P picked KSS so they do not run into another issue like families demanding contracts be changed and they can have a stable line up for a while at least.

I just hope now that a new single will be announced, and perhaps the following one after that can have the same members be in the group for it as well for a change.

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