Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Little Glee Monster - Seishun Photograph/Girls be Free iTunes (US) single

Title: Seishun Photograph/Girls be Free
Artists: Little Glee Monster
Release date: 04 MAR 2015
Type: single
Version: iTunes

Packaging: none

Track listing:

1. 青春フォトグラフ (Seishun Photograph)
A real nice fun pop tune with a catchy chorus. The violin used throughout is a nice touch, especially with how it opens the song up at the beginning. It fits very well in the style the group has used from the start and makes sure to give plenty of chances for the girls to showcase their voices. Especially near the end where they have the chance to freestyle a bit.

2. Girls Be Free
This song is in the same vein as Seishun Photograph but is more energetic. There are a couple of lines before the chorus kicks in that I love with just how they build. In fact the verses and chorus work really well together with the way they flow. And I love how it starts with the girls singing a cappella to be shortly followed by the instruments coming in afterwards.

3. So Long Good Bye
A ballad song which is a nice contrast to the songs that came before it and works well to really show off the girl's vocals. The start is simple with just vocals and a piano with a slow build up to the chorus. It has an uplifting feeling to it, especially the chorus, which makes for a nice listen. And a nice use of harmonies that I love the group for.

4. Seasons of Love with K (Live Ver.)
The girls team up with male vocalist K to do this cover of Seasons of Love from the musical RENT. While this is a live performance there is no worry about the crowd ever drowning out the vocals as in Japan audiences tend to be much quieter and wait until the end of songs to give their reactions. Which is great as the vocals are spot on with the only accompaniment being a piano. I enjoy the covers they do and this one is no different and of course it gives the girls a chance to show off their English singing skills which do sound to be improving.

Overall: Another strong single from the group as they continue to grow their base during these early years for them. They are developing their own style which is nice to see as their roots are with doing covers so moving towards having something distinct for themselves can only be a good thing.

I enjoy that even though they are a group that focuses on strong vocals they get plenty of upbeat and fun songs to match their ages. They could have easily been stuck with ballad after ballad but instead they have a good balance between the two.

I look forward to each new release from this group to see where they are going and how the girls are growing as singers.

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