Saturday, November 8, 2014

Meeting the Country Girls

Being new to Morning Musume and Hello!Pro I really know very little about Country Musume other than the fact that it was a group that existed. So with the announcement for Country Girls I have learned much more about the group and honestly I am a bit excited for this group.

Going over the announcement though a new H!P unit has been formed named Country.Girls. They will be managed by Satoda Mai, who was a member of Country Musume. The group currently consists of five girls, two being Kenshusei with H!P and the other three were from the audition for the 12th generation of MM. Tsugunaga Momoko from Berryz Kobo will also be joining the group once her activities with Berryz come to an end next year. She will have the position of a Playing Manager, which seems to mean that she will participate in group activities but also have a management position.

The current full roster of the group is; Inaba Manaka (16), Morito Chisaki (14), Shimamura Uta (14), Ozeki Mai (12), and Yamaki Risa (17).

I will admit my main interest in the group is the fact that Momoko is going to play a part in it. I loved Buono! and from that I like all the girls from that unit. That and Momoko impresses me. She seems to have a real savviness when it comes to the entertainment industry and her creation of the Momochi personality is a part of that. And I had the feeling that of all the members of Berryz she would be the one to easily continue on in the entertainment industry because of this. Also because she will be the oldest member of the group I am certain we will see more of Momoko than Momochi.

Outside of that I do feel happy for the two KSS getting the chance to debut in this group. From what I have picked up the two of them were pretty much near the end of their time as KSS so this was basically their last shot at debut. So I cannot help but feel happy for the two.

Watching the video of them all learning that they were selected for the group I do have some early favorites, Uta and Risa, and I look forward to seeing more of them. I guess with this I may have found another H!P group to follow. It will now just come down to whether I like the music or not.

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