Friday, November 28, 2014

Country.Girls first group appearance

I swear the more I see of this group the more I like them, especially as there has finally been a chance to see the full group together. And now all I want is to see them together performing songs, wearing group outfits and everything else you get with a group. But I will settle with what we have for now.

From Satoyama & Satoumi with Yuuki no Tsubasa 2014

Now that we are past the announcement phase we are seeing how the girls are shaping up their looks for the group. Well maybe not so much Tsugunaga Momoko so much as she is still with Berryz Kobo for a few months still, so she is probably sticking with her look for that group. But the new girls are making, or not making, changes that look like they are getting ready to be full fledged idols. Of course this means looks right now and for this hair style does play a part.

Of course the change that stands out the most is that Ozeki Mai cut her hair to a pixie cut and to me she looks pretty adorable with the shorter hair. Inaba Manaka seems to be the one selected to go without bangs and it looks like Yamaki Risa has lightened the color of her hair. Morito Chisaki and Shimamura Uta just seem to have to have their hair up in ponytails. Of course Uta came in with a rather distinct look with her straight bangs so no surprise they probably did not want to change that.

But over all the girls are starting to gel together as a group in my mind now. I really cannot wait to see them actually performing. 2015 cannot come quick enough!

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