Thursday, November 27, 2014

Looking back at the looking back beauty

I know this is a bit of a delayed response to this event, but I did not think it would hit me like it did. Of course any Morning Musume fan knows I have to be talking about Michishige Sayumi's graduation on the 26th.

I cannot believe that about a month ago I felt unsure of how I viewed Sayumi. I just knew she was the leader of the current group, the only pre-9th generation member of the group, and really pretty (because face it, it doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is Sayumi is a beautiful young woman).

Now that I am watching the Platinum Era PVs I keep finding myself noticing Sayumi more and more. Sure for the most part she is stuck in the back in them, but for those moments here and there when she gets a chance to shine my attention easily falls on her. And I am glad to know there is still much more of her to come in the PVs as I continue my way through them.

But recently it really dawned on me on how dedicated to MM she had to be to have remained in the group as long as she did. And that was basically the tipping point for me. At first glance she probably does not seem to be the type of person you would think would be serious or a good leader and from what I have learned she was. That she crafted a persona to entertain all the while being someone who was dependable and hard working behind the scenes. Someone who helped let others shine alongside of her.

As sad as it is that she has left the group I cannot help but think she is not completely gone yet. The experiences shared with the other members surely will have a lasting impression. And it is through them that a part of her will continue on with the group as long as those members are there.

While she has not really decided on what to do next in her life I doubt we have seen the last of her. She definitely deserves to take a break and to figure out what her next dream will be, but I would be shocked if she did not start joining the other OG in performing on shows and concerts in the future.

Until then I am going to have to look forward to watching her graduation concert when the BD/DVD comes out. (Sadly because of work there was no way I could watch the streaming and I want to find a reason to prolong fully dealing that she has left the group.) Then I can bawl my eyes out with glorious HD of the event. I honestly had no plans of getting this and wanted to wait for the first Morning Musume '15 concert release for the first one to get as it came out. But right now I know there is no way I can pass on this graduation concert.

I am now so glad to have gotten that Sayumi poster with my Tiki Bun single purchase. (Though hate myself even more for accidentally tearing it.) And getting a frame for it is high on priority list. Perhaps fate knew I needed it, as that was my last chance to get something like it. I surely treasure it much more now than I did when I first got it.

How much in a month so much can change. And how much this graduation has come to mean for me.

This chapter of MM may have ended with Sayumi's graduation but it is all part of the larger story of Morning Musume. And because of the legacy Sayumi has left I look forward to what the next chapter brings.

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