Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tappity Click Click

I know I wanted to consolidate my blogs with this one but looking at how things have been playing out I have decided to create a new blog, Tappity Click Click. This new blog is going to be dedicated to the games that I play so I can post endlessly about them and not feel bad, like I currently am with this blog.

That said I plan on moving most of the game related posts from this blog onto the new one. If you want to keep following my game related posts you can find them at Tappity Click Click. I will also be posting things like gacha pulls and just being more in depth about the games I am playing over there.

I still want to have this blog be my main and be a mix of my interests. I just felt like the gaming posts I was making was overtaking the rest and with my Love Live Card Appreciation Project I know I am going to have plenty of content to keep this new blog going.

So please bear with me as I make the post transfers and hopefully I can focus better on getting more non-game related content on this blog as I have been wanting to.

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