Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 2000% - Idol Song Masato Hijirikawa CD review

Title: Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% Idol Song Masato Hijirikawa
Artists: Hijirikawa Masato (Suzumura Kenichi)
Release date: 08 May 2013
Version: n/a

Packaging: The basic design and packaging does not change for any of the covers in this single series. For this one though the newspaper is what is used to show a "hidden" image of Masato with a crown at his side. Even though I know the newspaper's title is a reference to the agency in the series I cannot help but think of the movie by that name instead when I look at it. But I'm certain that is just a cultural thing so I would be in the minority.

Track listing:

1. 恋桜 (Koi Zakura)
This song brings in a mix of traditional Japanese instruments into it that helps it sound something like an enka song. With Masato being the traditional Japanese beautiful male character it is a perfect fit and it would be odd if any other character had a song like this unless it was for one of the drama CDs where they are "performing". It does start off with the piano but it fades into the background and not nearly as prevalently used throughout the song as it was with the anime song for the previous single. Suzumura's voice is placed into the spotlight with this song and sounds great even though it is a different singing style than the typical pop song.

2. Sanctuary
A more standard pop song than the first track and one that sounds like it could have been given to just about any other character. So that is a bit of a disappointment, especially with the other track being the opposite of that. That said it does have its merits, like the vocal change ups, from the soft start to the verses that build up to the stronger chorus. It is a nice contrast from the previous track with that. It also has a nice energy to it and is an enjoyable listen. If it was not paired up with Koi Zakura or maybe had something to it that made it more distinctly a Masato song outside of the voice actor it would stand out much better.

3. 恋桜 (Koi Zakura) (instrumental)
4. Sanctuary (instrumental)

Overall: The first track is the stand out of the two and is easy to recall with its distinct sound. Sanctuary is not bad by any means, it just lacks the stand out qualities of the other track. It is still a solid pop song that is enjoyable like the vast majority of the Uta no Prince-sama discography. So it is a good single and nice to have after the first of this single series as the first was something of a disappointment.

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