Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chu-Z looses its yellow

I confess to dragging my feet about writing this post, but since sadly this is not the only recent graduation announcement I want to write about. But this is the harder one as I love Chu-Z and all of the group's members so much so the fact that one is leaving is just not something I have quite wrapped my head around.

But a couple of days ago Asuka announced that she will be graduating from the group.The final release with her will be the upcoming album that releases on March 9th, Chu-Z My Selection,, and her graduation date is March 24th.

Official Chu-Z blog (Japanese only)

To be honest I have worried about the future of the group as the members are all over 20 and for female J-idols that is rather old. It has been one of the things I have liked about the group though, the fact that they are a group of young women and it helps sell their cute and cool image to me. But on the other hand I do worry that they may be thinking about their post-idol life all the more because they are older and know that this is not going to last forever. And it does not escape me that Asuka is the second oldest member at 26.

That all said I am of course glad that the group will continue on. It is not too surprising as they did loose a member early on so this is not exactly new. I hope it does not take away with any momentum the group has had as I would love to see them reach their goal of performing at Budokan one day. They are finally reaching the point they are doing limited touring for oneman shows and I want to see them continue to grow as a group.

If anything I just wish they could continue on as six. It is going to be strange for some time to see them as five instead. And who knows if they will continue the sub-units as Sun Chu will just be a duo. I guess at least there is still the upcoming album to look forward to, and it will now seem all the more precious as being the final release Asuka will be in.

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