Thursday, April 30, 2015

Debut of a BABY☆STAR

Good Choice Entertainment debuted their latest female idol group BABY☆STAR on April 18th at the Good Choice Matsuri. (A concert featuring the groups from the agency.) The agency so far has the female idol groups Chu-Z, WenDee and amorecarina in their roster and it looks like they are doing well enough to continue adding new groups with this latest one.

They are a seven member group with most girls between the ages of 16 to 19. (As a disclaimer my Japanese is limited so I am not 100% about the romanization of the last names so I have the original Japanese included just in case.)

Takanashi Mio (小鳥遊美桜)
Nishi Moeha (西萌葉)

Kiyose Nijie (清瀬虹絵)

Michikawa Riho (道川莉帆)

Abe Sayaka (阿部紗也加)

Higashi Sena (東瀬奈)

Nagai Yuuhi (永井ゆうひ)

With their debut the girls have been given a challenge to sell stickers to get certain things. Like the first goal was to sell 300 stickers so they would get individual twitter accounts. They reached that target on April 19th and then hit their second goal on April 26th. The full list of goals is;

300 stickers will get them individual twitter accounts
500 stickers will get them individual blogs
1000 stickers will get them an official home page
2000 stickers and they will hold an event
3000 stickers will get them an original song and a CD debut

And to help them out they have plenty of lives they will be doing in the upcoming month already announced.

Since I am a Chu-Z fan I am interested in learning more about their sister groups and while I find amorecarina a bit too young this group is in an age group that I am more comfortable following. I just need to wait to see/hear them to tell if they will manage to win me over as a fan or not. So I hope they are successful in reaching their final goal and get a CD debut. I think that will at least ensure that there will be videos to be found for the group then.

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