Friday, September 9, 2016

Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-World RE/LE A/LE B album

Limited Edition A
Artist: Kis-My-Ft2
Title: Kis-My-World
Release date: 01 July 2015
Type: album
Version: RE, LE A & LE B

Limited Edition B
Packaging: The limited editions both sport a similar style with their packaging but still keep things different.

The regular edition changes things up with more standard packaging. It is a digipak and not the usual jewel case. It has a clear slip cover to help keep the digipak closed as it simply folds out with one panel having the CD, one holding the booklet and the other has artwork on it similar to what is on the covers of the limited editions. The booklet has the lyrics in the front half while the back half has individual shots of each member of the group.

Track Listing:

1. “4th” overture
The past overtures at the start of Kisumai’s albums have been instrumentals so this one changes things up by having a narration to it. It is narrated in English by what sounds like a native English speaker and honestly is a bit hokey. It basically talks about the lack of love in the world and how Kisumai hopes to change that by making people feel good with their music so hopefully they will spread the joy in their lives. Either way the music in this ends as a nice segue to the promotional track for the album.

2. Brand New World

3. Kiss Damashii

4. Another Future


6. Kimi ni Aeru kara

7. if

8. Wanderful (Fujigaya Taisuke & Yokoo Wataru duet)

9. BE LOVE(Tamamori Yuta & Miyata Toshiya duet)

10. Double Up (Nikaido Takashi & Senga Kento duet)

11. Akashi (Fujigaya Taisuke & Kitayama Hiromitsu duet)

12. Shake Body!!

13. Perfect World

14. Thank You Jyan!


16. Dokidoki de YEEEAAAHHH!!(RE only)

17. Halley (RE only)

Disc 2 (LE 1)

Disc 2 (LE 2)


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