Sunday, July 17, 2016

ANGERME is 9 once more

Kasahara Momona, front and center.
Nine seems to be the lucky number for ANGERME as it was announced yesterday that the group will be adding a new member, Kasahara Momona.

Momona was a Kenshuusei with Hello! Project before being selected to join ANGERME. One can only assume this has been in the planning for a while as she is already performing with the group instead of having the usual grace period of a couple of months to train up before doing so.

It is interesting to see that this is yet another single member generation, but it should work out as Kamikokuryou Moe now has someone who is relatively new the group.

Honestly I have fallen a behind with keeping up with H!P in general but this announcement is pulling me back into things. I do enjoy ANGERME and as heartbroken as I was with Tamura Meimi graduating I still like the group. They seem to be shaping up to be really strong performers, especially with the new additions, and I look forward to seeing where they are going to go in the future.

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